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Massacre in Moses Mhobe Stadium

Oh Dear!! How Embarrassing

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We went along with 62000 others - probably as many Aussies as Germans - with hope in our hearts.

We danced we sang we blew our vuvuzelas and beat the drum; we flew our flag with pride and gave as good as we got from the German faithful on the way to the ground.

What a disaster! Outplayed all over the strip. Beaten for pace and skill.

With the exception of the first four minutes before the first goal and a brief 'revival' after half time, it was like watching the All Blacks play St Philomena's primary school at Rugby. Enough said - it was an embarassingly poor effort with not one Australian deserving recognition.

With our tails between our legs we endured another half hour of what the South Africans call crowd management and then home to bed.

Early start this morning to get our flight to Victoria Falls. Thanks heavens for the sight-seeing; it would be pretty depressing if all we were here for was the `'soccer`' - `'Beautiful game`' - What a joke!!!!!

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Day 2 - June 12

Shakaland Tour

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After a night of disturbed sleep - jet lag and vuvuzelas - we had a great breakfast and then onto our coach with Carl our local guide for a two hour trip up into Shaka Zulu land. The cultural tour lasted about two hours with a very large smorghasbord lunch. Fairly typical of native people culture with dancing and singing plus lots of stories about the old people and the typica bead, animal skin and wood craft for sale. People very warm with a great sense of humour.

Home and down to the Londoner pub on the beach front for the Pommies vs USA game - bit disappointing really. One all draw and a goal keeper with two feet for hands.

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Time to Dace the Diski

Time to Blow the Vuvuzela

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Today is matchday. Aus vs Germany at 8:30 tonight. Our squad have vuvuzelas and drums to add to the expected noise and competition from the Germans.
Had a bus tour of the city this morning taking in the Victoria Street Markets (nothing special) thenthe Muyti Market which is market for the natural healers that are still really important to the Zulu people. Lots of crushed plant and animal parts. Bird and reptile skeletons hanging up and the smell was something that has to be experienced. Then on through the old city on the harbour and passed the workers shacks in Kota Manor. Again a sight that demonstrates the differences between the haves and the have-nots that still exists in SA today. Unemployment runs at an official 55% but there are about 20% of these that turn a rand or two in all kinds of commerce without paying tax.
We then went up the hill into the areas that are now the main living and commercial areas for the whites who left the central area when the local people and Indians took up much of the residences and business in the central areas. Visited a shopping mall where it was more a matter of find the black face rather than reverse.

Have not been able to put anymore photos up at this stage due to some technical issues but hope to do so next time.

Will have a bit of a hike into Moses Mabhida stadium tonight but temperature today predicted max 27 degrees so should be a very pleasant night.

Life is good in Durban is often quoted by staff at hotel as they press the lift button LG for lower ground floor - and despite the poverty and the crime, they all seem to be fairly happy.

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Game 1

South Africa vs Mexico

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Joined about 40000 others at the Fan Park on the beach just downfrom our hotel Amazing experience very exciting and just a little daunting at the same time. There are about 200 police staying with us in our hotel and they are everywhere on the streets. The sound you here on the telly that sounds like a swarm of blowies are the vuvuzelas a trumpet that is based on kudu horn trumpets but now made out of plastic. They are everywhere and can be heard in the streets all night n all day. The SA people are really friendly and really into the game. They love their tea
Bafana Bafana (the boys). When something good happens they call "Ladooma" - it thunders! and when things go wrong it is "aikona!!" - No way!! SA 1 Mexico 1

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Air Travel

Sydney to KL

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Everything going quite smoothly really. Both wore our jackets in the hope of an upgrade but no luck there. Bags sent right through to Jo'burg from Tamworth so we are holding our breath they will ger there with us.
Big day really. Left Sydney 1400 and arrived KL 2350 EST (21.30 local time) Now waiting until 0130m KL time before again picking up another 6 hours to get into Joburg at 0600 (about 11 hour flight).
Rob has discovered that his mobile will receive SMS and calls but will not call out??? Who knows why, the signal is fine. The iPhone is working a treat.

Time for a kip more from SA later

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